Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shingle Style

An ordinary house becomes a classic cottage.

After relocating to the Southeast, this New England native wanted to bring a Cape Cod feel to her new home. She began the transformation with the front windows. Thick casing and cross-shaped panes make a bold statement across the exterior and help to establish the home’s presence.

Next, the homeowner replaced her existing siding on the front of the house with cedar shingles to capture the New England look. She plans to cover the remainder of the exterior at a later date. To expand the existing entry’s tiny stoop, she had a landing built at the top of the steps so that she would have more space when entering the home. The cloth awning was replaced with a wooden pitched roof and post. Also during the renovation, the homeowner’s contractor installed a new wooden railing to replace the small metal support that was not compliant with the modern local building code.

Finally, a new wooden door, painted a calm deep green prior to installation, adds a touch of color to the entry. Finishing touches include lighting and new shrubs with mulch.

Bright and Breezy

1. A locking mailbox adds peace of mind and a new level of home security.

2. This homeowner loves the outdoors. With the addition of large casement windows, not only can she enjoy the sunlight flooding her indoor spaces, but she also can open them for a pleasant breeze— using less air conditioning and saving money on cooling bills.

3. The crisp-white stair rail increases safety and draws the eye toward the side-facing front door.

casement windows (Pella, Architect, 850 Series, white, special order)
door (Escon Doors, Model OC636DC, special order)

cedar shingles (special order)
brick (#10298)
octagon gable vent (22-inch, white, #18204)
lumber rated for outdoor use†
beaded-board paneling†
roofing for awning (#10086)

railing paint (Valspar Ultra Premium, Polar White 7003-16, semi-gloss)
door paint (Valspar Ultra Premium, Cliveden Forest 5006-4C, semi-gloss)

door hardware (Kwikset, Venetian bronze, #34568)
locking mailbox (#57021)
light fixture (Sea Gull, oxidized bronze, Model 8463-46, special order)
doorbell (#231162††)
planter (#20822)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of plants.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Availability varies by market.
††Available by special order in some stores.

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