Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bottoms Up

Put Stemware on display.

1 . Cut an 111/2- x 48-inch stair tread (found in the lumber department) into two 24-inch-long pieces. (Use the second piece to create another stemware display, or save it for a future
project.) Prime the board, and apply two coats of paint (we used Valspar Signature Colors, Laura Ashley Home, Inlet Blue #LA1215, flat), allowing each coat to dry.

2 . Prime two metal brackets (#156065) with metal primer, and paint them to match the board, letting each coat dry.

3 . Place two under-cabinet stemware racks (#210024) end to end, centered on the underside of the board (as shown). With a pencil, mark the locations for pilot holes. Lay the racks aside, and drill the pilot holes with a 1/8-inch bit. Attach the racks using the hardware provided.

4 . Measure and mark the placement of the brackets on the wall—over studs if possible or using hollow-wall anchors if in drywall. Using #8 x 11/4-inch screws, hang each bracket, and then secure the board to the brackets.

Little Space , Big Payoff

A spring-fresh palette and clever storage solutions work wonders for this formerly cramped bath.

White On
Chosen for its light, open feel, white paint covers the upper half of the walls throughout the room. The white also meshes well with existing features, such as the window shutters, that the homeowner wanted to keep. And now, when paired with white, the green tile feels restful and serene rather than dated.

1 Mounting a shelf above the door is a clever way to utilize unused space; it also raises the eye upward. The white beaded-board ceiling lends textural interest.
2 A rectangular mirror was placed horizontally to reflect the scope of the room. Reflective accents, such as mirrors, are an easy and inexpensive way to make a space seem bigger.
3 Beneath the sink, a simple skirt was created by sewing a white fabric shower curtain. It’s attached to the sink with self-fastening strips. An opening in the skirt’s center allows easy access to the concealed plumbing and toiletries.

Stacking Up
4 These wooden shelves and brackets were painted the same color as the walls, so they blend with the white background. Besides preserving the open feel, they offer the homeowner a place to display decorative pieces.
5 A new vanity light hangs slightly higher than the fixture it replaced, providing even more visual lift. The bright chrome finish complements the room’s overall scheme.

beaded-board paneling (#29469)
accent moulding (#161623)
construction adhesive (#185445)
4d finishing nails

shower curtain (Designables, white, #126548)
self-fastening strips (#20026)

walls, ceiling, and shelving (Valspar Ultra Premium, Bistro White 7006-4, semi-gloss)
accents (Valspar Signature Colors, Seaside Retreat, Secret Garden SR808, semi-gloss )
oil-based primer

3-light fixture (Delta, chrome, #226808)

3 shelf kits (24-inch, #61128; 36-inch, #61129)
beveled mirror (#239711)

*Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Story Book Style

Boost the fun quotient in your children’s bedrooms with designs inspired by their dreams. This little girl wanted nothing short of an enchanted fairyland, enchanted by a backdrop of pink upon more pink.

This child’s bedroom needed a fresh look, and when her parents decided to make over the space, they knew exactly what theme to choosee.”She is a huge fan of fairy princesses,” her mother says.

A fondness for fairies inspired the pretty pastel color palette, which features pink walls and hints of green and blue that set the stage for a magical scene. To keep their budget in check, the homeowners dressed up the room’s existing furnishings with paint, appliqués, and charming accents, such as the fairy-themed wallpaper border. Then they incorporated several storage and organizational solutions, neutral-colored carpet, and accessories with a whimsical look for added personality. With a bit of creativity, the homeowners designed a fairy-tale space that delights their little princess. “Our daughter tells visitors, ‘You’ve got to see my beautiful new room!’” her mother says.

Magical Touches
1 Embellished with ribbons, sheer curtains filter sunlight for a soft, pleasant glow.
2 To create these nightstands, the homeowners mounted drawers to the wall on each side of the bed. Then they affixed drapery valances using self-fastening strips.
3 Added to a simple storage chest, the wallpaper border features whimsical fairies.
4 The homeowners painted the area behind the bed, attached floral appliqués using construction adhesive, and pasted wallpaper cutouts directly to the wall for an artful “headboard.”

CLEVER Accents

1 A table and chairs set is revived with a clever pinkand- white paint treatment. For instructions on how to build a smaller version of this table.
2 The colorful fan cools the room; recessed lighting adds overall illumination.
3 This creative project provides a spot to hang accessories. The homeowners attached robe hooks to painted appliqués, and then glued them to a piece of lattice framed with moulding.

carpet (Mohawk Premier Living, Abbott Cove PL075, Colchester #L017, special order)

walls (Rose Buff #2002-4C, eggshell)
headboard and accents (Blushing #2002-4A, eggshell)
accents (Crocodile Smile #6005-7C, eggshell; Frosty #5006-9B, eggshell; Du Jour
#7002-6, satin)

4 recessed lights
ceiling fan with optional light kit (44-inch, Hunter, Dreamland, pink/white, #227795)
accent lamps (Portfolio†)

drawers (ClosetMaid, 2-drawer organizer, white, #1091)
drapery valances (Waverly Home Classics for Kids, Fair Isle Stripe, #223912)
self-fastening strips (#20026)

(8-foot-long) chair rail moulding
(2- x 8-foot) plastic lattice (TuffBilt, white, #94897)
wooden appliqués (21/2-inch, #39086)
robe hooks (white, #71296†)

wallpaper border (York, Girl Power, Fairy #RU8208B, special order)
storage chest (ClosetMaid, white, #108517)
drapery rod (unfinished†)
drapery panels (51- x 84-inch, Designables, Ivory, #190630)
armoire knobs†
flowerpots (pink, #152215)
storage bins (pink, #107221)
construction adhesive for small projects (#53254)

*Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Selection varies by market.?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sooting Space


1 Perfect for meditation and relaxation, the cool color palette creates a calm oasis. The wall’s paint treatment features three shades of blue that are blended up the wall from dark to light to give the sense of a transitioning sky.

2 A large mirror hung in the center of the wall helps keep yoga postures in check. The mirror was created with one 24- x 36-inch mirror and four 8- x 36-inch mirrors, secured horizontally to a piece of plywood using mirror glue. As a finishing touch, decorative basket-weave moulding was attached to frame the mirror.

3 Grass cloth wallpaper added between the existing rough-hewn beams creates interesting texture on the ceiling and complements the room’s natural feel.

4 A model of form and function, bamboo shades offer light control and privacy.

5 A soft, simple rug balances the smoothness of the hardwood floors. A non-slip mat underneath helps ensure protection during yoga.


1 A water cooler is in easy reach for maintaining hydration during yoga practice. The water temperature is adjustable, so it’s just as helpful when preparing a hot cup of tea.

2 Lining lampshades with wallpaper transforms crisp light to a softer glow. The homeowner cut the pre-pasted wallpaper to fit, secured it to the shades, and then used simple-to-install swag kits to hang the lamps.

3 The relaxing sound of trickling water from this tabletop fountain brings in another element of nature. An outdoor planter is turned upside down to function as a side table.

4 The homeowner had this Zen-inspired shelving unit custom built for the space. Painted a soft shade of blue-gray, it blends effortlessly into the room.
rug (Shaw Living, Wooly Bully, Natural, #243049)

walls (Valspar Signature Colors, Earth Elements; Fog #EE2049A; Shade #EE2049B, eggshell; Valspar Ultra Premium, Blue Twilight #5001-1C, eggshell)
trim (Valspar Ultra Premium, Romano #7003-15, satin)
mirror and shelving projects (Valspar Signature Colors, Earth Elements, Rain Cloud #EE2049C, eggshell)
blending brushes (3-inch softening brush, #31164; stippling brush, #30717)

wallpaper (Patton Wallcoverings, natural grass cloth, Pattern 488-115, special order)

lampshades (Portfolio, #235064)
swag kits (Design Trends, #212817)
wallpaper (Imperial, prepasted, #70731)

1 (1/4-inch-thick) piece of plywood†
mirrors (Gardner; 24- x 36-inch, #96675; 8- x 36-inch, #197426)
basket-weave moulding mirror glue (Gardner, Mirror Mastic, #197438)
construction adhesive for small projects (#53254)

woven shades (Bali, Natural Shades, San Pedro Umber #24864, special order)
tabletop fountain (Bel-Air, #130019)
water cooler (Whirlpool, #231442)
planter used as table (#70241)
pedestal used as planter (#44457)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
** Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Availability varies by market.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Made in the Shade

Transform any lampshade into a stylish container.

1. Place a shade of your choice on a work surface with the larger rim facing up. If the shade has a bulb clip, flatten the wire as much as possible.

2. To embellish the shade, paint a simple design with the color of your choice. Allow to dry.

3. Lay the shade’s smaller rim on a 3/4-inch-thick foam panel (#15350), and trace around the rim with a pencil. Using a utility knife, carefully cut 1/4 inch inside the traced line. To reinforce the foam, cover the entire foam circle with masking tape. (Use leftover foam for multiple projects, or for protecting stored valuables.)

4. Gently press the foam circle into the shade to form a base. Because the lampshade is not waterproof, you will need to use a vase inside the container to hold fresh-cut flowers for a festive floral display (as shown here). You also can use this container to store lightweight items.