Friday, December 31, 2010

Upholstered Headboard

Rest easy on this simple and sophisticated headboard. Made from peg-board, carpet padding, and a shower curtain, this DIY project adds texture and style to any guest room.


Step 1: Cut two 1 x 4 x 6 boards to 53 inches long, and lay on a flat surface.

Step 2: Create the frame by using the remaining two 1 x 4 x 6 boards as sides, and use the cut 53-inch-long pieces as the top and bottom parts.

Step 3: Using a saw, cut a sheet of peg-board to 5 x 4 feet. Note: This size is for a queen bed. Adjust accordingly for other bed sizes.

Step 4: Place the peg-board piece on top of the 1 x 4 boards, and align the corners and edges.

Step 5: Starting at the corner and using the peg-board holes as guides, drill pilot holes through the 1 x 4 boards.

Step 6: Place a 1/4-inch washer over each pilot hole, and attach the peg-board piece to the 1 x 4 boards using wood screws. Repeat every 10 holes until all of the x 4 boards are attached around the edges of the peg-board piece.

Step 7: Lay the carpet pad on a table, and place the peg-board assembly on top. Leaving an extra 6-inch drape over the edge, cut off excess pad around the perimeter of the peg-board piece.

Step 8: Use a staple gun to attach the carpet pad to the 1 x 4 frame, pulling gently to maintain tension. Continue until the pad is secure on all sides.

Step 9: Gently turn the assembly over, and spread the curtain fabric over the padded frame.

Step 10: Staple the fabric to the underside of the frame, making sure to pull tight. Tip: To pull the fabric evenly, staple in the middle of each side first, and then do a couple more on each side, working outward. Cut away padding as necessary so fabric can be stapled to wood directly.

Step 11: Use utility scissors to trim excess fabric after stapling.

Step 12: Adjust corners and fold, stapling as you go.

Tip: Cut away excess corner padding and fabric.

Step 13: Turn the assembly right side up. From the bottom side, find each hole, and punch an awl through the fabric to the surface.

Step 14: Using a hex drill bit, drill a hex bolt through each hole gently. Secure with two washers and a hex nut. Continue in a straight line around the edges of the headboard, using the peg-board holes as a guide.

Step 15: Attach D-ring hangers to the back of the headboard, cutting away excess pad as necessary.

Step 16: Hang on the wall using appropriate hardware for your wall type.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Relaxation comes easy in a bath that's renovated with nature in mind.

Slate flooring, dark wood cabinetry, and a landscape-inspired color palette come together to create a luxurious master bath retreat.

The Inspiration: The pool terrace and landscape influenced the design and materials used in this master bath redo. The homeowners have a great view and direct access to the pool via the bath’s new windows and door.

Transform an unfunctional master bath into a peaceful space that’s visually cohesive with the nearby pool for homeowners Karen and Lindsey Tauxe.

With custom-look details, such as deep drawers and decorative toe-kicks, the twin vanities have an upscale flair. Double sinks give both Karen and Lindsey plenty of room, and the solid-surface countertop is easy to clean.

Nature-inspired Design

Shelving: Organization fosters serenity. Spacious vanities hold many personal items, but bulky supplies and towels find a home on shelves in an adjoining private alcove.

Shower Tile: Recognizing Mother Nature as the expert on color and composition, Lillian mimicked the look of earth, trees, and sky with horizontal bands of tile in the shower. The slate-tile floor slopes gently into the shower—without a threshold—for a clean, unbroken line.

Mirrors: Customized mirrors amplify light and multiply views of the pool terrace outside.

Natural Light: Plentiful light is as essential to a healthy garden as it is in a bath for such tasks as shaving and applying makeup. The existing small window and solid door were replaced with two large windows and a glass-panel door. Between-the-pane blinds ensure privacy.

Neatly sandwiched between double-pane glass in the windows and doors, built-in blinds eliminate the need for window treatments. The twist of a dial allows the Tauxes to control light and privacy.

Make It! Framed Mirror

Create a stylish rustic frame by mounting a frameless mirror on painted plywood and surrounding it with painted wood shims.

1. Cut 4 inches off the 36-inch side of a 24- x 36-inch board.

2. Sand, prime, and paint the board and shims in your desired colors. Allow to dry.

3. Using a framing square, center the mirror on the plywood with a 4-inch border at the top and bottom and about 1 5/8 inches on each side.

4. Use a pencil to outline the mirror on the board. Turn the mirror over so that the back is facing up.

5. Coat the back of the mirror with contact cement, and flip the mirror over. Place it inside the pencil outline, using the framing square to straighten. Allow cement to dry.

6. Using contact cement, place the painted wood shims around the mirror, overlapping the mirror’s edges.

7. To add interest, paint several different colors, and randomly place the shims.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Spin On Laundry

The place tobe blank canvas + colorful appliances = one cool room

These homeowners wanted a warm and welcoming laundry room where they could do more than wash, rinse, and tumble dry.A comprehensive redo of their basement yielded a stylish, comfortable space that also serves as a home office and crafting area.The cheerful blueand-yellow palette was inspired by the must-have Glacier Blue washer and dryer, which are new and exclusive at Lowe’s.


1 Not just for housing dishes, maple kitchen cabinets work great for storage in a laundry area. Chosen in a bright, cheerful blue, the solid-surface countertop resists stains and heat.

2 Spice drawers keep clutter to a minimum, and a cabinet roll-away door hides a coffee station.

3 Four-inch blue and yellow ceramic tiles produce a colorful, whimsical backsplash that is easy to clean. Open shelving provides display space.

4 An easy neutral backdrop, beige ceramic floor tiles withstand water damage—a must-have in any laundry area.


1 The Glacier Blue front-loading washer and dryer provide power, yet are gentle on clothing. Along with raising the appliances to a comfortable level, the optional pedestal drawers hold supplies.

2 The sink does more than rinse dirty hands—three micro-jets on the sides of the sink wash delicate garments and small loads of laundry.


cabinetry and countertops
• cabinetry (Shenandoah, Charleston, Maple, Coffee Glaze, special order)
• hardware (Belwith, special order; drawer cup pulls, Model PA1025-CLX*; door cup pulls, Model PA1026-CLX*)
• countertops (Formica Solid Surfacing, Deep Blue Ice #811, special order)

• backsplash (41/4-inch, American Olean, Bright; Dark Wedgewood #32, #204572; Maize #24, #204562)
• backsplash (41/4-inch, Dal-Tile, Ice White, #98192)
• floor (16-inch, Venetian Stone, Rialto, white, #160047)
• beige grout

• washer (Frigidaire, Affinity, Glacier Blue, Model ATF7000EG, #235312)
• gas dryer (Frigidaire, Affinity, Glacier Blue, Model LGQ7000EG, #235303)
• pedestals (Frigidaire, Affinity, Glacier Blue, Model APWD15GB, #235309)
• jetted sink (Whirlpool, SinkSpa, white, Model LJD1306LQ, special order)

• faucet (Delta, stainless, #128359)

• fluorescent fixtures (2- x 2-foot, #163662)

• walls (American Tradition by Valspar, Delightful Moon #3004-6A, eggshell)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple Sanctuaries


Most backyards and patios are ripe with potential. They can offer you a peaceful place to enjoy your morning coffee, arrange a romantic evening, or relax under a shady tree. With just a bit of planning and a few decorative elements, you can create an at-home haven. These three stylish areas—each with a distinctive flair and function— are filled with ideas to help you transform your outdoor spaces.

Backyard Bistro

Placing a simple set of bistro table and chairs (Orleans; 28-inch café table, #140189; café chairs, #140180) brings the feel of a cozy café into the patio. It becomes the perfect spot for enjoying a quiet breakfast and reading the newspaper.

ON THE WALL Add an artistic element with an iron wall-art planter (#37257) filled with bright, seasonal flowers.

SPLASH OF COLOR Red cushions (Arden, #59101) provide comfortable and fashionable seating.

Romantic Gazebo

A flat, expansive yard is like a blank canvas for outdoor entertaining, but it requires something large and impressive to fill the space. A metal-framed gazebo (black steel with net, #31335) with beige polyester fabric, a black powder-coated finish for durability, and light-filtering insect netting sets the stage for an enchanting gathering. It easily can be assembled in a corner of the yard or positioned front and center. This dreamy scene is perfect for a quiet dinner, a bridal shower, and many more special occasions.

DEFINED SPACE Add an outdoor sisal rug (Patio Collection, #26077) and a dining set (Java; 30-inch bistro table, #139671; stack chairs, #139689) for two to four guests. Tip: Set 12-inch-square pavers underneath the rug to make your surface area even more level.

A FESTIVE TOUCH Hang garden lights (Garden Treasures, #89685) to give your private haven a romantic glow.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Place garden torches (Garden Treasures; 72-inch, #113637; 30-inch, #113855) of various heights, plus containers overflowing with flowers or ferns, near the gazebo’s entrance. This will establish it as the focal point in the yard.

FINISH WITH FLOWERS Fill a pretty urn (#47717) with a bouquet to complete an elegant table setting.

comfortable retreat

Create a simple space where you can escape.Tuck a chair into a corner with an ottoman, and then kick up your feet.The deep seat of this cozy wicker chair (Cayman, cushioned chair with ottoman, #139717) urges you to sit back and relax.Add a reading lamp plus a side table (Cayman, side table, #139721) to hold your favorite books or magazines.This easy setup works well in a sunroom, on a covered porch, or any place that offers privacy for the feel of a nice, quiet getaway.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Steps To An Organized Garage

Organizing and decorating the interior of their newly constructed home was exciting, but this family discovered that the real action happens in the garage—it was spacious, but unorganized. By breaking it down into three manageable projects, the homeowners were able to put things in order, one step at a time. Now the garage includes a family project center for Mom’s gardening and the children’s art supplies, a dream workbench for Dad, and storage galore. Plus there’s still room for the two family cars. Here’s how they whipped their space into shape.

1. Family Project Center

1 Located above the refrigerator, an expandable TV mounting bar lets the family enjoy their favorite programs while they work.

2 The addition of cabinetry and countertops along the back wall near the home’s entrance creates a multipurpose workstation for the entire family. Mom can do gardening here, and the kids have a place to be creative too. An under-the-counter trash compactor offers convenience, and a chest freezer to the left of the cabinetry stores bulk food items.

3 On the wall, furring strips are covered with peg-board; it has a faux-stainless steel finish,
which adds visual pizzazz to the space. Adjustable peg hooks hold items above the sink and countertops, keeping them within reach and off the workspace. The all-in-one cabinet and sink combo is easy to install, and it offers concealed storage while giving the family a place to tidy up after yard work or craft projects.

4 White cabinetry neatly hides stored items, such as soap and paper towels, while the dark
laminate countertops provide a durable and easy-to-clean work surface for any project.

2 Dream Workbench

1 As the family handyman, Dad chose the Coleman Tuff Duty storage system for the garage update. To fit his space and needs, he selected two tall cabinets for storing large items, two base cabinets for tools and accessories, a hutch, and a workbench top.

2 The peg-board hutch visibly stores the tools needed for most weekend projects and includes an under-mounted fluorescent light. The 1-inch-thick worktop is safe for cutting, drilling, or hammering.

3 Large antifatigue mats add comfort underfoot to help keep the legs and backs of those at work from tiring.

4 Lockable cabinets keep valuables safe and tools out of young children’s reach.

3. Storage Galore

1 Components in the ClosetMaid Max Load storage system make it easy to customize any space with greater flexibility. The heavy-duty shelves adjust to different heights to accommodate various-sized items. This family organized everything from their shop vacuum to their coolers.

2 This ClosetMaid product stores long-handle tools off the floor but within view.

3 An all-purpose hang-up hook neatly holds extra hoses or extension cords. A variety of hook shapes and sizes suit items that are difficult to store, such as ladders and oars.

4 A ceiling storage unit keeps coolers and sports equipment out of the way.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clean & Serene

This homeownerdoesn’t mind doing laundry chores. But she didn’t look forward to the dark, disorganized basement that houses her washer and dryer. When she decided to remodel this space, the avid gardener and nature lover was committed to making her laundry eco-friendly as well as stylish and functional. She also wanted to carve out a space for a desk and organization area, where she plans to work on garden designs.

Now, a mix of energy-efficient lighting, which includes recessed, flush-mounted, and under-cabinet fixtures, brightens the room. The homeowner was willing to splurge on the washer and dryer, cabinetry, and ceiling planks—products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Reused items, such as two metal tubs turned into sinks, underscore the green theme. Gardening supplies are housed on a custom-built shelf above the sinks.

The revamped laundry—complete with a fresh, outdoorsy palette of pale greens, blues, and whites— suits the homeowner’s taste and needs, as well as her environment-conscious outlook. “I truly feel good about this room,” she says. “It fits me inside and out.”

Savvy Storage
» The smart desk-and-organization nook transforms this space from a simple laundry to a multiuse room. The Corian countertop provides a durable, hardworking surface, and under-mounted cabinet lights add sufficient task lighting. Above the desk, open cubbies allow items to be easily accessible. On the adjacent wall, peg-board keeps tools organized.

cabinetry (Shenandoah, McKinley, Maple, Cream glaze, special order)
countertop (Corian, Oyster, special order)

washer (Samsung, Stratus Grey, Model WF337AAG, #255995)
gas dryer (Samsung, Stratus Grey, Model DV337AGG, #256006)
stacking kit (Samsung, Model SK-4A, #260236)

faucets (American Standard, wall-mounted, Model 7292.152, special order)

recessed lights (Halo, compact fluorescent, #119430)
recessed lighting trim (Halo, Model 470SC, special order)
flush-mounted ceiling fixtures (Good Earth Lighting, fluorescent, Neptune White, #51017)
under-cabinet lights (Portfolio, low-voltage halogen, 2-light, #42585)

wall primer (Kilz Premium, latex, white, #45548)
wall paint (Olympic Premium, Morning Breeze D62-1, eggshell)
floor epoxy (Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal, Blue Ridge, #16205)
chair paint (Olympic Premium, white, satin, #33250)
paint for tubs (Rust-Oleum, Cold Galvanizing Compound, #26719)

closet rod mounting brackets (#179929)
laundry sorter (chrome and canvas, #115926)

ceiling planks (Armstrong, WoodHaven Series, white, special order)
1 (48- x 96-inch) peg-board panel (white, #15484)
closet rod (#3586)

1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 6†
1 (8-foot-long) 1 x 10†
1 (4-foot-long) 1 x 12†
1 box (15/8-inch) screws
wood glue (Titebond II, #41217)
wood filler
primer (Kilz Premium, latex,
white, #45548)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
† Availability varies by market.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Traditional Remix

This year’s quintessential look offers a relaxed approach to classic style, with a hit of timeworn edge. Formal is softened up to lose its fussy reputation in a calm, cool, collected mélange of opposites: a formal settee is paired with a slipcovered chair, feminine chintz upholstery contrasts with masculine leather, industrial sconces dress down classic panelling, vintage modern lamps sit on lacquered tables, painted plank floors are topped with preppy striped rugs. It’s this mix that defines our favourite trend of 2010.

• Striped rug. Rug, Dash & Albert.
• Chintz fabric. Osborne & Little Giverny Lomasi fabric, Primavera; settee, Barrymore.
• Crushed velvet cushions. Velvet, Designer Fabrics; sewing by Blinds, Drapes & Bedding.
• Industrial-inspired sconces. Sconces (painted black), Rona
• Spool furniture. Desk, Klaus by Nienkämper.
• Painted plank flooring. Wood floor, The Home Depot; floor colour, Edgecomb Gray (HC-173), Benjamin Moore.
• Warm metal accents. Lamps, Machine Age Modern.
• Substantial mouldings. Trim, baseboards, Central Fairbank Lumber.
• Blue-black doors. Door colour, Hague Blue (30), Farrow & Ball; door, Central Fairbank Lumber.
• Sculptural art. Art, Decorum.

Organic Modern

The bathroom is finally getting its due as a living space, but this look works in any room with the right mix of elements. The appeal lies in the forest-meets-concrete-and steel style. Nods to nature include the egg-shaped freestanding tub, the textural wall of wood and loads of natural light. White walls, a classic wire chair and polished concrete floors complete the look.

• Freestanding tub
• Concrete floors
• Centred floor-mount faucet
• Stacked wood
• Iconic wire chair

Luxe Loft

Warehouse-inspired living gets a deco-glam update. Get the look by choosing muted jewel tones, reflective surfaces like silk, sequins and chrome, and luxurious velvet upholstery. Keep it livable with
soft shapes and low, lounge-like arrangements.

• Low, armless sectional
• Muted eggplant and lavender
• Velvet upholstery
• Silk area rug
• Oversized art

Black Magic

Ebony-painted walls are daring, bold and fearless — and the key component of this new neutral look. Brighten it up with natural fibres such as bamboo, wicker and seagrass, and a light floor. Add sculptural interest with intricate antiques and warmth with kilims and groupings of curios. Choose light art that pops off the dark walls.

• Black walls
• Spool chair
• Potted plants
• Faded kilim carpet

New British Colonial

Plantation style is a perennial favourite, and every few years it comes back with a fresh twist. This time around it has a light, elegant palette and a subtle exotic flavour.

• Soft, pretty palette
• Statement ceiling fixture
• East Indian influence
• Refined rattan

Tailored Gypsy

This year the layered boho look grows into a polished version of itself. Think hand-dyed fabrics, intricate furniture, bold, colourful art and eclectic accessories set against clean white walls.

• Four-poster bed
• Saturated textiles
• Embroidery
• Curated collections