Sunday, June 21, 2009

Schoolhouse Charm

Although the historic schoolhouseturned-weekend-getaway had great architectural bones and a solid structure, it lacked clear walkways, vitality, and cheerful color. Taking design cues from Upstate New York cottages as well as traditional Greek Revival schoolhouses, the homeowner began the update by creating better access to the front and side entrances via a walkway made with interlocking pavers. With both entrances clearly marked, the homeowner could focus on the landscape. A white picket fence, also reminiscent of traditional Colonial style, creates a border around the home’s lawn and complements the front railing. Small boxwoods were added in front of the railing and along the fence. In the planting beds on the side of the house, the homeowner planted ornamental grasses and shrubs, and finished the look with planters and a trellis. Green-and-white striped awnings over the front windows enhance the color scheme, while yellow paint on the door provides a focal point for passersby. A heavy pitched entry was removed for a fresher look.

Pretty With Purpose

1. Lanterns with a rustic-brown finish evoke seafaring New England charm.
2. These attractive awnings minimize the amount of direct sunlight that enters a room, thereby protecting lightsensitive artwork and antiques.
3. A wooden railing adds interest to the front entrance.


1. End pillars with caps were added to the picket-fence panels for a customized look.
2. Seasonal potted plants add color and make the side porch look lush and lively.
3. The homeowner’s trellis provides architectural interest and a spot for a vine to grow. Lowe’s has a wide variety of trellises available to suit your style.

pavers (Portage, #59765)
picket-fence panels†

door (Valspar Ultra Premium,
Pale Butter 3003-3C, semi-gloss)
fence (Valspar Ultra Premium,
Du Jour 7002-6, semi-gloss)

address plaque and numbers (DeSignIt, brushed nickel; plaque, #41311††; numbers, #55260†, #54940†)
striped awnings (Dickson, Boston Green, Model 7513, special order)
wall fixtures (Portfolio, rustic brown; large, #109415; small, #80551)
terra-cotta pots

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of plants.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Selection/availability varies by market.
††Available by special order in some stores.

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