Monday, July 13, 2009

Light Up The Night

Add a welcoming glow outdoors with a group of paper lanterns.

1. Wrap a string of outdoor lights (at least 6 feet in length) around a 6-foot-long bamboo stake (#56475). Leave about 10 inches at one end of the stake free of lights. Secure the lights to the stake using clear packing tape.

2. Push the end of the stake (that is free of lights) into the ground. Connect an outdoor extension cord to the lights, hiding and securing the cord as needed.

3. Thread five paper lanterns (#237095) onto the stake as shown. Gently bend each lantern’s internal wire frame to clear the stake. You will not need the electrical cording included with the lanterns.

For the horizontal hanging version of this project: Use only four lanterns so that 10 inches at each end of the stake is free of lights and lanterns. Cut and then attach a length of nylon twine (#91114) to each end of the stake. Tie the other ends of twine to porch posts or hooks, making sure the stake hangs evenly.

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