Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fresh headboard

Interior doors offer a creative canvas for expressing your style.

General: The overall dimensions of this headboard are approximately 11/2 inches deep, 60 inches wide, and 80 inches high, making it most suitable for a full- (as shown) or queen-size mattress.
Step 1: Place the two doors on a flat surface (or on sawhorses) with the two long edges facing and the smallest panels on the top.
Step 2: On the front of the doors, apply painter’s tape around the borders of the upper eight panels. Using an angled paintbrush, apply two coats of light-pink paint inside the borders. Allow to dry, and then remove the tape.
Step 3: Tape around the panels again, but place the tape inside the borders this time. Using an angled paintbrush, apply two coats of dark-pink paint. Allow to dry, and then remove the tape.
Step 4: Carefully measure the dimensions of the raised portions of each light-pink panel. Mark and measure these dimensions on the back of the wallpaper, and cut out the eight pieces using a utility knife. Attach the wallpaper to the raised panels per the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to dry.
Step 5: Turn the doors over. Join the doors by attaching two continuous hinges using the included hardware, along the seam of the doors’ long edges.
Step 6: To attach the door to the wall, place a large self-leveling picture hanger on each corner of the headboard. (The door will be resting on the wall, but not hanging from it.) Lean the headboard against the wall at the appropriate angle, and then mark the placement of the picture hangers on the wall; install the appropriate wall fasteners. Secure the picture hangers to the wall fasteners to stabilize the headboard.

2 (30-inch-wide) 6-panel
molded interior doors (#10975)
2 (11/2- x 30-inch) continuous hinges (#196287)
painter’s tape
angled paintbrush
paint (Signature Colors by Valspar, Laura Ashley Home; Berry Red 1 #LA201; Berry Red 2 #LA202; satin)
prepasted wallpaper**
self-leveling picture hangers (#52716)

Sandpaper, tape measure, pencil and utility knife

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