Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fabulous floors

Want a room that makes a statement? Paint the floors. The following instructions and designs show you how to create durable and cost-effective style underfoot.

You’re ready to start painting, but first, you must prepare your floors. Sand them using medium-grit sandpaper, remove the dust, and clean with T.S.P. substitute cleaner (#224907). The following painting instructions apply to all designs shown here. Prime the floor with American Tradition by Valspar Interior Latex Multipurpose Primer (#168215); let dry completely. Tape off the pattern, and then paint using American Tradition by Valspar Latex Porch and Floor Enamel (#49816) in a satin finish of your desired color. After paint has dried, and the surface is dust free, add a layer of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish (#45892) to protect the surface.

Bright path
Painted stairs mimic a customized runner.
Step 1: Measure and mark the desired stripe widths.
Step 2: Use painter’s tape to cover the areas not being painted, and then paint each stripe using a high-quality synthetic bristle brush. Allow at least two hours to dry.
Step 3: Remove the tape; repeat steps for additional stripes.

featured colors*
white (American Tradition by Valspar, Ivory Dust #7003-24)
orange (American Tradition by Valspar, Butternut Tree #3002-5B)
dark orange (Signature Colors by Valspar, Eddie Bauer Home, Burnt Brick #EB37-4)
yellow (Signature Colors by Valspar, Laura Ashley Home, Deep Cowslip 4 #LA704)

striking squares
This colorful treatment invokes retro chic.
Step 1: Apply two coats of the base color; allow to dry.
Step 2: Tape off the squares using painter’s tape.
Step 3: Paint colors from the center out (be careful not to paint yourself into a corner). Paint two coats of the dark color first, and then two coats of the lighter color. Allow to dry; carefully remove the tape.

featured colors*
base (American Tradition by Valspar, Jekyll Club Veranda Ivory #7003-20)
darker squares (American Tradition by Valspar, Carolina Inn Brass #3007-8A)
lighter squares (American Tradition by Valspar, Baked Scone #3007-8B)

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