Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Color Therapy

A space that calms and restores your mind and body.
THE SOLUTION: Cool, Crisp Hues

GREEN Just as fresh green aloe is soothing for your skin, shades of light green can be healing colors for your mood. A bedroom, reading room, or office can be transformed into a peaceful sanctuary by incorporating pale, calming colors such as Peppermint Tea from the Laura Ashley Home collection, Meadow Wind, or even Jaded Lime.

BLUE Shades of blue also can bring peace and serenity to a room. If you typically gravitate toward blue when you are selecting colors, choose a soft shade to give the space a clean and natural feel. Try Sky Blue 2 from the Laura Ashley Home collection or Dancing Mist. Or for a deeper color that provides the same effect, consider Frosty.

PURPLE Lavender can create a truly relaxing retreat with its blend of warm red and cool blue. If you are looking for a light and airy color, try Cool Morning or Star Light. For a richer hue, pamper your walls with Cincinnatian Hotel Olivia Blue.

BEIGE Want to stay neutral, but still have a wall color that’s refreshing? Choose a shade of beige. Colors such as Belle Grove Buff and Coconut Milk can help to make your room appear more open and inviting thanks to the appeal of their lighter neutral tones.
A clean slate that allows you to express individuality.
WHITE You can showcase plenty of style and personality in neutral-colored rooms. White walls can be the perfect backdrop for incorporating self-expression through decorative accents. They also can allow you to quickly change the look of your room by switching out accessories, such as curtains or pillows. When used in hallways or stairwells, white walls can connect rooms that have varied palettes.

TINTS All whites are not the same—you can choose from warm whites with yellow and pink undertones to cool whites incorporating green or blue. Use these tints as you would warm and cool colors in your home. Try Du Jour or Bistro White for a true warm white. For cooler shades with a touch of green or gray, consider Divine Cream, Comet Dust, or City Steam.
BROWN AND BLACK For rich color that also can serve as a neutral backdrop for your home’s decor, consider a shade of brown or black. Browns such as Journey or Turkish Coffee allow bright colors—think whites and chartreuse—to stand out. Dark Kettle Black and Very Black coat walls in brilliant depth. For a more subdued shade of black that incorporates gray, try Blindfold.

YELLOW Draw inspiration from nature by creating a bright, sunny room that will perk you up even on the dreariest of days. Fresh yellows, such as Tulip from the Laura Ashley Home collection, revitalize a room and make it a cheery escape. Richer tones, such as Buttered Toffee, also bring warm energy to a room but allow for deeper color.

RED If you want to ignite excitement in a room—perhaps your kitchen or dining room—fire up the walls with Radiant Red or Bright Red. These intrepid colors give off energy that can inspire you to cook a five-course meal and encourage your guests to let lively conversation flow while they dine. If you like the idea of red in your home’s palette, but you’re not ready for an absolute crimson, try a cooler shade that contains more blue and purple, such as Montpelier Red Velvet.

ORANGE Known to stimulate appetite as well as energy, fresh shades of orange, such as Ripe Pomegranate and Roasted Pumpkin, enliven your walls with brilliant color that excites the senses. For a paler yet invigorating shade, try Orange Ochre or Homestead Apricot.

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