Friday, December 31, 2010

Bringing the Outdoors In

Relaxation comes easy in a bath that's renovated with nature in mind.

Slate flooring, dark wood cabinetry, and a landscape-inspired color palette come together to create a luxurious master bath retreat.

The Inspiration: The pool terrace and landscape influenced the design and materials used in this master bath redo. The homeowners have a great view and direct access to the pool via the bath’s new windows and door.

Transform an unfunctional master bath into a peaceful space that’s visually cohesive with the nearby pool for homeowners Karen and Lindsey Tauxe.

With custom-look details, such as deep drawers and decorative toe-kicks, the twin vanities have an upscale flair. Double sinks give both Karen and Lindsey plenty of room, and the solid-surface countertop is easy to clean.

Nature-inspired Design

Shelving: Organization fosters serenity. Spacious vanities hold many personal items, but bulky supplies and towels find a home on shelves in an adjoining private alcove.

Shower Tile: Recognizing Mother Nature as the expert on color and composition, Lillian mimicked the look of earth, trees, and sky with horizontal bands of tile in the shower. The slate-tile floor slopes gently into the shower—without a threshold—for a clean, unbroken line.

Mirrors: Customized mirrors amplify light and multiply views of the pool terrace outside.

Natural Light: Plentiful light is as essential to a healthy garden as it is in a bath for such tasks as shaving and applying makeup. The existing small window and solid door were replaced with two large windows and a glass-panel door. Between-the-pane blinds ensure privacy.

Neatly sandwiched between double-pane glass in the windows and doors, built-in blinds eliminate the need for window treatments. The twist of a dial allows the Tauxes to control light and privacy.

Make It! Framed Mirror

Create a stylish rustic frame by mounting a frameless mirror on painted plywood and surrounding it with painted wood shims.

1. Cut 4 inches off the 36-inch side of a 24- x 36-inch board.

2. Sand, prime, and paint the board and shims in your desired colors. Allow to dry.

3. Using a framing square, center the mirror on the plywood with a 4-inch border at the top and bottom and about 1 5/8 inches on each side.

4. Use a pencil to outline the mirror on the board. Turn the mirror over so that the back is facing up.

5. Coat the back of the mirror with contact cement, and flip the mirror over. Place it inside the pencil outline, using the framing square to straighten. Allow cement to dry.

6. Using contact cement, place the painted wood shims around the mirror, overlapping the mirror’s edges.

7. To add interest, paint several different colors, and randomly place the shims.

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