Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Steps To An Organized Garage

Organizing and decorating the interior of their newly constructed home was exciting, but this family discovered that the real action happens in the garage—it was spacious, but unorganized. By breaking it down into three manageable projects, the homeowners were able to put things in order, one step at a time. Now the garage includes a family project center for Mom’s gardening and the children’s art supplies, a dream workbench for Dad, and storage galore. Plus there’s still room for the two family cars. Here’s how they whipped their space into shape.

1. Family Project Center

1 Located above the refrigerator, an expandable TV mounting bar lets the family enjoy their favorite programs while they work.

2 The addition of cabinetry and countertops along the back wall near the home’s entrance creates a multipurpose workstation for the entire family. Mom can do gardening here, and the kids have a place to be creative too. An under-the-counter trash compactor offers convenience, and a chest freezer to the left of the cabinetry stores bulk food items.

3 On the wall, furring strips are covered with peg-board; it has a faux-stainless steel finish,
which adds visual pizzazz to the space. Adjustable peg hooks hold items above the sink and countertops, keeping them within reach and off the workspace. The all-in-one cabinet and sink combo is easy to install, and it offers concealed storage while giving the family a place to tidy up after yard work or craft projects.

4 White cabinetry neatly hides stored items, such as soap and paper towels, while the dark
laminate countertops provide a durable and easy-to-clean work surface for any project.

2 Dream Workbench

1 As the family handyman, Dad chose the Coleman Tuff Duty storage system for the garage update. To fit his space and needs, he selected two tall cabinets for storing large items, two base cabinets for tools and accessories, a hutch, and a workbench top.

2 The peg-board hutch visibly stores the tools needed for most weekend projects and includes an under-mounted fluorescent light. The 1-inch-thick worktop is safe for cutting, drilling, or hammering.

3 Large antifatigue mats add comfort underfoot to help keep the legs and backs of those at work from tiring.

4 Lockable cabinets keep valuables safe and tools out of young children’s reach.

3. Storage Galore

1 Components in the ClosetMaid Max Load storage system make it easy to customize any space with greater flexibility. The heavy-duty shelves adjust to different heights to accommodate various-sized items. This family organized everything from their shop vacuum to their coolers.

2 This ClosetMaid product stores long-handle tools off the floor but within view.

3 An all-purpose hang-up hook neatly holds extra hoses or extension cords. A variety of hook shapes and sizes suit items that are difficult to store, such as ladders and oars.

4 A ceiling storage unit keeps coolers and sports equipment out of the way.

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