Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Personal Touch

Looking for ways to spark your holiday decor this year? While your approach is likely anchored in traditions—both your own as well as classic looks you’ve been influenced by —adding new stylish twists can make the season even brighter.

• This year, two key trends can provide inspiration. The most important thing is to have fun and create a look that reflects what the season means to you.

A return to all things natural

Many of us revel in the beauty and simplicity of the outdoors, and it’s especially nice to capture those flavors and quiet colors indoors during crisp winter months. Grapevine, berry sprigs, and pinecones are perfect complements to the warm subtle shine and low-luster sparkle of gold tones mixed with shades of plum and green—just right if you love muted expressions.

A little more flash and dash

Lean into the holiday trend that borrows inspiration from the fashion runway. Experience tactile elegance with textures and materials such as velvet, crystal beading, damask, silk, feathers, and even fur. Create visual excitement in shimmering silver and gold mixed with bolder tones of garnet, spruce, and vivid blue.

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