Thursday, October 29, 2009


This family was running out of room inside the house, so they took a fresh look at their blank-slate garage. The large space was mostly unused for anything beyond parking the car. They evaluated their needs and decided to create a new pet area and a corner for the kids’ toys, helping to keep the indoors cleaner and clutter-free. Now the garage is the perfect spot to bathe the family dog, and the children can play outside of the house, even if it’s rainy, in the bright corner dedicated to storage and safety. Consider your own family’s needs—office, laundry, or craft area. You may have more room than you think.

Personality With Purpose

New products and ideas for the garage make it easy to design comfy spaces that work hard too.

Today’s garage has come a long way from yesterday’s version. What used to be simply a place to store cars, and possibly some garden tools and equipment, has evolved into a multitasking
space customized to fit your needs. Living space can be tight, so it makes sense to ask more of your garage. When the cars are parked outside, a garage can double as a workout room, a crafts area, a space for pet care, or a place to gather for a good game of cards. Think about designing your garage for these multiple uses. For a successful modern garage, storage and safety are two important aspects to consider. Check out products that allow for storage on the walls and even the ceiling. And be sure that anything dangerous to a child or animal is carefully locked away and out of reach.

Once safety concerns are answered, it’s possible to have as much fun planning this space as any room in the house.

base and wall cabinets (white; two-door base cabinets, #171175; three-drawer base cabinets,
#215819; wall cabinets, #163077)

backsplash (6- x 8-inch, American Olean, Ice White, #31675, #239383)
mosaic tiles (2-inch, slate, #72126)
tile countertop (12-inch, multicolored slate, #131691)
gray grout

utility sink (American Shower and Bath, #187945)
faucet (AquaSource, #242498)

outdoor ceiling fixture (Sea Gull Lighting, Model 8869-98, special order)

walls and ceiling (Valspar Ultra Premium, Gravity 4005-1B, eggshell)
floor (Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, gray, #224198)

pet door (Ideal Pet Products, medium, #35911)

ClosetMaid MaxLoad Shelving (4-foot x 16-inch shelves, #114846; 40-inch hang tracks, #81166; 84-inch standard track, #117896; 16-inch brackets, #77570; end caps, #116167)
galvanized utility bin (#66661)
wire bins (#241041)
fabric drawers (ClosetMaid, Hunter Green, #161107)
3-tier wire shelf (Shelving By Design, #71485)

3-light track light (Portfolio, #119700)
airplane pendant (Portfolio, #205842)

walls (Valspar Ultra Premium; Blue Eyes 4007-8A; Metropolis 4005-1C; Wellspring 4007-8B;
Anthem White 7006-24; eggshell)
floor (Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, gray, #224198)

2-foot-square foam linking mats (#168520)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.

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