Thursday, September 17, 2009

Storage by Design

THE PERSON: Up-and-coming interior designer seeks room for storing supplies, additional desktop space, and a comfortable, inviting area to meet with clients.

THE SPACE: A townhouse basement is turned into an edgy model of organization where cabinets and shelving, such as industrial garage units, are used in new, successful ways.

“A colorful space with lots of texture and patterns inspires creativity.”

Urban Home

Homasote walls offer workspace and provide soundproofing for this urban space. Also, Homasote is made from post-consumer recycled materials, and it’s recyclable.

1 A laminate countertop, placed on top of the storage units, provides a work surface with a splash of color. The concrete floor is painted a complementary blue, and carpet tiles create a stylish, low-maintenance rug. The individual tiles can be replaced if they get stained or tattered.

2 Sawhorse brackets, lumber, and a laminate countertop yield a customized desk. The designer cut the 2 x 4s into eight 28-inch pieces and two 24-inch pieces. The countertop will rest securely on the 2 x 4s and sawhorse brackets, but you can use L-brackets for extra support, if needed.

3 Metallic-finish peg-board creates the perfect spot for hanging supplies.

4 Cool blues and purples enhance the silver-toned storage units in the room. The cabinets’ graphic texture is mellowed by the whimsical countertop pattern and the varying floor stripes.

4 base cabinets (Gladiator, steel, #30622)
2 large cabinets (Gladiator, steel, #30928)
5 (4-tier) galvanized steel shelving units (#200482)
1 (4-drawer) rolling cabinet (Kobalt, black, #207312)
laminate countertop (Formica
Laminate, Skylark Boomerang, Model 6940-58, special order)

laminate countertop (Formica Laminate, Skylark Boomerang, Model 6940-58, special order)
2 sets sawhorse brackets (#128355)
4 (8-foot-long) 2 x 4s†
paint (Valspar Signature Colors, Eddie Bauer Home, Sailor Blue EB7-1, gloss)

table lamps (Portfolio, chrome, #168755)

wall (Valspar Signature Colors, Eddie Bauer Home, Globe Thistle EB30-3, satin)
wall and Homasote board (Valspar Signature Colors, Eddie Bauer Home, Honeysuckle Bloom EB13-4, satin)
floor stain (Quikrete Multi-Surface Concrete Stain, Lazy River)

carpet tiles (FLOR, special order; Orchard, Model FL26-63; Geranium,
Model FL21-14; Mixed Media, Model FL22-22)

Homasote boards (#14101††)
5 (4- x 8-foot) peg-board panels (brushed stainless, #211606)
peg-board hooks (#62612; #62677)
galvanized utility bins (#66661)
fabric drawers (blue, #154859; green, #163278)
drop cloths (#74135)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
**Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Availability varies by market.
††Available by special order in some stores.

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