Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sooting Space


1 Perfect for meditation and relaxation, the cool color palette creates a calm oasis. The wall’s paint treatment features three shades of blue that are blended up the wall from dark to light to give the sense of a transitioning sky.

2 A large mirror hung in the center of the wall helps keep yoga postures in check. The mirror was created with one 24- x 36-inch mirror and four 8- x 36-inch mirrors, secured horizontally to a piece of plywood using mirror glue. As a finishing touch, decorative basket-weave moulding was attached to frame the mirror.

3 Grass cloth wallpaper added between the existing rough-hewn beams creates interesting texture on the ceiling and complements the room’s natural feel.

4 A model of form and function, bamboo shades offer light control and privacy.

5 A soft, simple rug balances the smoothness of the hardwood floors. A non-slip mat underneath helps ensure protection during yoga.


1 A water cooler is in easy reach for maintaining hydration during yoga practice. The water temperature is adjustable, so it’s just as helpful when preparing a hot cup of tea.

2 Lining lampshades with wallpaper transforms crisp light to a softer glow. The homeowner cut the pre-pasted wallpaper to fit, secured it to the shades, and then used simple-to-install swag kits to hang the lamps.

3 The relaxing sound of trickling water from this tabletop fountain brings in another element of nature. An outdoor planter is turned upside down to function as a side table.

4 The homeowner had this Zen-inspired shelving unit custom built for the space. Painted a soft shade of blue-gray, it blends effortlessly into the room.
rug (Shaw Living, Wooly Bully, Natural, #243049)

walls (Valspar Signature Colors, Earth Elements; Fog #EE2049A; Shade #EE2049B, eggshell; Valspar Ultra Premium, Blue Twilight #5001-1C, eggshell)
trim (Valspar Ultra Premium, Romano #7003-15, satin)
mirror and shelving projects (Valspar Signature Colors, Earth Elements, Rain Cloud #EE2049C, eggshell)
blending brushes (3-inch softening brush, #31164; stippling brush, #30717)

wallpaper (Patton Wallcoverings, natural grass cloth, Pattern 488-115, special order)

lampshades (Portfolio, #235064)
swag kits (Design Trends, #212817)
wallpaper (Imperial, prepasted, #70731)

1 (1/4-inch-thick) piece of plywood†
mirrors (Gardner; 24- x 36-inch, #96675; 8- x 36-inch, #197426)
basket-weave moulding mirror glue (Gardner, Mirror Mastic, #197438)
construction adhesive for small projects (#53254)

woven shades (Bali, Natural Shades, San Pedro Umber #24864, special order)
tabletop fountain (Bel-Air, #130019)
water cooler (Whirlpool, #231442)
planter used as table (#70241)
pedestal used as planter (#44457)

* Does not include labor costs or applicable taxes, which vary by market.
** Does not include lead time for special-order materials.
Availability varies by market.

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